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Welcome to Hand Shakes for Good. This is a vision God has laid on my heart to connect people. A free networking community where we can connect and share our adventures in business and life.  A place where we can honor people and lift them up with the gifts we have been given. Love God and Love people. Amen! Matthew 22:37-40

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Hand Shakes For Good

On Instagram I share about Hand Shakes under the handles @fe.christensen and @bornagainwater

We strive to have networking opportunity events at businesses in our community a couple times a month. Look for these events on Face ook tagged with #networkpopup #handshakesforgood #1peter4v10

Please contact Felicia at to learn more about these in-person #networkpop events, networking and advertising opportunities.

I am also looking for those restaurants around town that want to look at unique ways to increase the diversity in food for the Hand Shakes events! To be a part of the initiative to get families back to the table together again. Please reach out to talk more. 

Please Join the Hand Shakes crew at these Events to connect and grow your business and networks

Hand Shakes Events



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Looking for Felicia ChrisTensen? 

Here are a few of the fun places you will find me seeking to live as heaven on earth - Matthew 6:9-13

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So thrilled to be a resource to get people linked to water the way God created it to be. Kangen Water systems are the leading alkaline ionizers and water filtration machines in the world. Transforming the tap water in your home into pure healthy electrolyzed-reduced and hydrogen-rich drinking water. Come visit one of the #networkpopup events to sample the awesome Kangen Water!

When God called me back to work, after 10 years home with the kiddos, I wanted to be supportive to our family business. So you will find me as a sales associate at Farm Bureau, helping people connect to the 25+ years of experience my husband Chad brings to the table.  It's always a great time to look at rates and know the worth of your home and auto, before the claim needs to be handled. 

This is the fun blessed "crafts" side of me. I love seeing the joy of people picking out macrame earrings that fit their style and personality. Click the button above to check out the look book of the earring styles. Message me at to order or talk more about where I have inventory of the earrings. 

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Meet Stephanie Deeds-Johnson, a gal passionate about supporting and strenthening christ's followers without compromising god's word!

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